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Popular Destinations in South Korea

Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and the largest metropolis of South Korea. Seoul offers plenty of destinations to visit such as museums, religious monuments, festivals, parks, etc.


5-star Hotels in Seoul

5 star Hotels in Seoul South Korea

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Welcome to Seoul

The capital of the Republic of South Korea. For decades the city know as the miracle of the Han, kept its head down barely raising a ripple as the country rebuilt in the decades following the Korean War.

Today, Seoul has re-emerged as an economic powerhouse and the epicentre of Hallyu, a Korean wave of culture that is sweeping the world’s smartphones, food halls and dance floors.

But Seoul wasn’t always so outgoing. In the 14th century, a 12-mile fortress wall ercircled Korea’s ancient capital; its gates closed each night to keep marauding Siberian tigers and invaders at bay.

Since then the city has spilled out far beyond and above, its great city gates Guardian Mountains.

21st century Seoul is a city where glass and steel towers and the ancient curves of palace roofs coexist. It’s a city where the brushstrokes of the past and contemporary public art tell stories of tradition and inspiration.

Seoul City Guide
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Popular experiences in Seoul


Attractions, Guided Tours and Monuments in South Korea

Click the link below to see the latest Attractions, Guided Tours, and Monuments in South Korea. All tours and attractions offer FREE cancellation.


You can find many Excursions & day trips in South Korea such as sighseeking, traditions, culture & history, monument visits and Food & Dinings.


Book city activities and great outdoor activities to ensure that you are having great and unforgettable experiences in Seoul and South Korea

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Latest Korean News

Latest Korean News